Buddhism is a path of transformation. If you want to realise your potential to be awakened from ignorance, if you want to develop the courage to face the reality of life, and if you want to learn to transform yourself into a noble person – you are welcome to join us on this journey of spiritual awakening!

The weekly Dhamma sessions will provide you with the opportunity to:

  • learn devotional practices that will help to build up your confidence in the Triple Gem;
  • learn different Dhamma reflection and meditation techniques that will promote mental development and cultivation;
  • gain in-depth understanding on the teachings of the Buddha by learning directly from the discourses; and
  • listen to Dhamma talks and learn how to relate the Dhamma to your daily life and spiritual aspirations.

The journey to spiritual perfection begins within oneself, as we have the inherent potential to become peaceful and happy. You are invited to discover and experience this for yourself.

Details of our weekly Dhamma sessions (held every Sunday) and how you can attend are provided in the sections below.

Online attendance via

Zoom link:

No registration is required for online attendance. All are welcome.

General Information


Start Date2-Jan-2022
(Every Sunday)
End Date27-Nov-2022
Schedule2:00pm - 3:15pm
(Singapore Time, GMT +8)
Conducted byVen. K. Rathanasara
Online attendance at
(No registration required)

Time Table


2:00pm - 2:10pmHomage to the Triple Gem
2:10pm - 2:15pmShine Forth with Metta
2:15pm - 2:55pmDiscourse Study (or) Dhamma Talk
2:55pm - 3:10pmQ&A
3:10pm - 3:15pmSharing of merits

Programme Details

Our ‘Dhamma Study and Daily Practice’ sessions include these segments:-

  • Homage to the Triple Gem (Devotional practices)
  • Shine Forth with Metta
  • Discourse Study/Dhamma Talk

How to Attend

Online attendance

No registration is required for online attendance. The Dhamma sessions will be streamed live via Zoom.

All are welcome to join our Dhamma sessions online via this Zoom link : https://bit.ly/dkbs-dsdp22