The best way to benefit from the Buddha’s teachings is to learn the Dhamma and apply it in our daily lives.

And the best way to learn the Dhamma is to study the Discourses (Suttas), as this is the closest we can get to learning directly from the Buddha Himself.

We are pleased to inform that a new Discourse Classification course conducted by Venerable K. Rathanasara will be commencing on 4-May-2019 (Saturday). Covering the Buddhist social teachings, the fundamental philosophy, and the ultimate goal of Awakening, this course will cover the spectrum of the Buddha’s teachings from how to live our lives well to achieving the highest bliss of Nibbāna.

Let us take this precious opportunity to learn the Discourses systematically, and lay a solid foundation for our continuous journey in learning and practising the Dhamma!

Discourse Classification 2019

Study Schedule

(04th May – 30th November)

(On every Saturday from 2 pm to 4 pm)

May 04 Economic prosperity & Spiritual well-being
May 11Wealth & Happiness
May 08No Class (Vesak Day preparations)
May 25Social integrity (Part 1)
No Class from 27-May to 14-June (Study tour and pilgrimage break)
Jun 15Social integrity (Part 2)
Jun 22Parents & Children
Jun 29Joyful married life
Jul 06 Karmic responsibility
Jul 13‘Merits’ is the base for happiness
Jul 20Joy of giving
Jul 27Happiness of noble conduct
Aug 03Bliss of Meditation
No Classes from 5-Aug to 30-Aug (Term Break)
Aug 31Cycle of existence
Sep 07Life is short and fleeting
Sep 14Gratification, Danger & Freedom
Sep 21The fever of sensual pleasure
Sep 28Destroying attachment
Oct 05What the Buddha declared
Oct 12The gradual training
Oct 19Four Noble Truths
Oct 26Noble Eightfold Path
Nov 02No Class (Robe offering ceremony)
Nov 09Five Aggregates
Nov 16The doctrine of Anatta
Nov 23Freedom from feelings
Nov 30Enlightened Mind