“The gift of Dhamma excels all gifts.”

As you strive to provide the best education for your children, are you also giving them the supreme gift of the Dhamma? Academic excellence is often encouraged, but we must also not overlook the importance of moral and spiritual development. As it is through the inculcation of Buddhist principles and values that the Dhamma can transform your child to be a wise and compassionate human being.

Venerable Rathanasara will be starting the Teenage Dhamma Group 2019 on Sunday, 6 January; through an interactive and experiential curriculum, the essence of the Dhamma is skilfully delivered in a fun and meaningful way. An ideal greenhouse where the seeds of the Dhamma and enduring friendships germinate and blossom indeed!

Term Summary for 2019


Dhammakami Buddhist Society
29, Lorong 29 Geylang, #06-02, Singapore 388078.

Time Table

Events & Study Term Breaks for 2019

Teenage Dhamma Group 2019

(Conducted by: Ven. K. Rathanasara)

Study Schedule for 2019 – Term 1

Study Schedule for 2019 – Term 2

Study Schedule for 2019 – Term 3

Download Teenage Dhamma Group 2019 Term Summary and Study Schedule in PDF.