Teenage Dhamma Class

Embark on a transformative journey with us as we believe fervently in the power of Dhamma to shape our children into wise, intelligent, and compassionate beings. Our vision is to illuminate their paths, enabling them to radiate that light to others and create a wholesome environment for all to live peacefully and happily. Committed to this vision, we dedicate ourselves to the Dhamma education of the younger generation.

Dhamma, far from blind faith, is a path of exploration and understanding. It thrives on free thought and the power of investigation. We encourage our young minds to question, analyze, and scrutinize the Dhamma, fostering rational faith in the Triple Gem. (Saddha)

Emphasizing ethical behavior and moral principles rooted in Wisdom and Compassion, we reject a mere ‘code of do’s and don’ts.’ Buddha’s teachings on the four sublime attitudes – love, compassion, appreciative joy, and equanimity – not only nurture moral conduct but also pave the way for harmonious living in diverse societies like Singapore. (Sila)

Modern youth face stress, tension, and mental health challenges. Our Buddhist meditation techniques, grounded in Mindfulness and Concentration, offer a constructive approach for addressing these issues, steering them away from the pitfalls of drugs and social media addiction. (Samadhi)

Our ultimate goal is to guide the younger generation on the Noble Eightfold Path, fostering profound wisdom and great compassion. Such individuals are destined to light the path and transform the lives of others. (Panna)

Our Teenage Dhamma Class is crafted for inquisitive young minds, blending the Art of Mind Training with Dhamma Talks that directly address the challenges of teenage life. Join us on this inspiring journey of self-discovery and growth.

Class Information

Class Start Date17-Feb-2024 (Saturday)
Class End Date23-Nov-2024 (Saturday)
Class Schedule10:00 am - 11:30 am (Every Saturday)
Venue29, Lorong 29 Geylang, #06-01/02, Singapore 388078.
Time Table10:00am - 10:30am Homage to Triple Gem, Art of mind training
10:30am - 11:00am Dhamma talk
11:00am - 11:30am Group discussion and sharing of merits

Dhamma Talk Topics

1. Religion of Reasoning and Freedom of Thinking
2. Developing Self-Compassion
3. Digital Detox and Mindfulness
4. Right Speech in the Digital Age
5. Coping with Peer Pressure through Dhamma
6. Dealing with Family Expectations
7. Managing Stress and Anxiety with Dhamma
8. Overcoming Negative Emotions
9. Finding Purpose and Meaning in Life
10. Mindful Time Management
11. Balancing School and Dhamma Practice
12. Understanding Kamma and Consequences
13. Mindful Decision-Making
14. Body Image and Self-Acceptance
15. Developing Generosity and Kindness
16. Mindful Eating and Nutrition
17. The Importance of Silence and Solitude
18. Mindful Consumption of Media
19. Dealing with Addiction and Cravings
20. Overcoming Exam Stress with Dhamma
21. The Art of Forgiveness and Resolving Conflicts
22. Practicing Mindful Gratitude and Contentment
23. Ethics and Social Responsibility
24. Mindful Goal Setting and Achievement
25. Cultivating Joy and Happiness through Dhamma
26. Developing Healthy Boundaries in Relationships
27. Right Livelihood and Future Career Choices
28. Mindful Communication with Parents
29. Dealing with Romantic Breakups through Dhamma
30. Developing Concentration Skills
31. Be a Light to Yourself

Term Schedule

February17 / 24
March2 / 9 / 16 / 23 / 30
AprilTerm Break
May4 / 11 / 18 / 25
Note: May 22nd (Vesak Ceremony)
June1 / 8 / 15 / 22 / 29
July6 / 13 / 20 / 27
AugustTerm Break
Note: August 9th (Mindfulness Retreat)
September7 / 14 / 21 / 28
October5 / 12 / 19 / 26
November2 / 16 / 23
Note: No class on November 9th (Robe Offering Ceremony)
DecemberTerm Break


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