Vandanā & Metta

Devotional Practice & Loving Kindness

Compiled by Ven. K. Rathanasara

Like birds which need two wings to fly, we too need two elements for us to lead a successful, meaningful and joyful human life. These two elements are: the material and spiritual aspects of life.

How then do Buddhists cultivate the spiritual aspect of their lives?

The path of the Buddha is essentially one that leads to the purification of the mind. When Buddhists follow the Noble Eightfold Path, they undertake a three-fold training process – practicing virtue, cultivating the mind, and developing wisdom – in order to become Enlightened human beings.

In Buddhist training, devotional practice – though not compulsory – provide favorable conditions and grounds for spiritual cultivation.

These acts are not to be mistaken for ‘Prayers’. The Buddha is neither a God not a Savior. The Buddha is a Supremely Enlightened Teacher. He doesn’t give rewards or punishments but compassionately shows the Path for those who wish to train themselves to achieve Perfect Enlightenment.

As such, these acts of devotional practice help in:

      • Awakening Faith in the Triple Gem and devotion to practice the path.
      • Suppressing negative, destructive defilements in the mind and produce wholesome mental conditions necessary for spiritual training.
      • Giving rise to wholesome Karmic energy which brings peace and happiness in this life and in lives to come.

This eBook which accompanies with the audio recordings comprises chanting texts and explanatory notes related to Buddhist Devotional Practice.