The Buddha teaches that mindfulness is the one and only way that will lead us to awakening. Living our daily lives with mindfulness will also bring many benefits such as improving our well-being and reducing stress.

We warmly invite you to spend a rejuvenating day at our upcoming Mindfulness Retreat conducted by Venerable K. Rathanasara on 9th August 2019. The retreat program is thoughtfully put together to provide an enriching experience that will inspire and train us to integrate mindfulness practices into our daily lives.

Please register before 1st August 2019 via
– WhatsApp: 90686036
– Email:
– Eventbrite:


9.00am  –  9.30am
Pūjā procession
Observing Eight Precepts
Homage to the Triple Gem

9.30am  – 10.15am
Awakening Mindfulness  (Dhamma Talk)

10.15am  – 11.00am
Immeasurable Buddha Virtues  (Recitation and Reflection)

11.00am  – 11.30am
Meditation on Mindfulness of the Breath

11:30am  – 12:30pm
Lunch (vegetarian meal will be served)

12.30pm  –  2.00pm
Walking meditation  (Instructions / Practice / Q&A session)

2.00pm  –  3.00pm
Misunderstood Buddhism  (Q&A session)

3.00pm  –  3.15pm
Tea break

3.15pm  –  4.00pm
Do you do mind scanning?  (Dhamma Talk and Q&A session)

4.00pm  –  4.30pm
Meditation on Boundless  Love

 4.30pm  –  5.00pm
Termination of Eight Precepts
Chanting of Metta Sutta
Merits dedication