Rains Retreat Period

From: 24th July 2021 (Esala Full Moon)
To: 20th October 2021 (Vap Full Moon)

Weekly Practice Period

Dates: Every Wednesday (from 28th July to 20th October)
Time: from 7:30pm to 8:45pm

Conducted by Ven. K. Rathanasara

Dhamma Program

  • Homage to the Buddha
  • A short Dhamma Talk based on Dhammacakka Sutta
  • Chanting of Dhammacakka Sutta (Summarised Version)
  • Sharing of Merits


Zoom link: https://bit.ly/dkbs-rr21


Download Sutta in PDF

Topics for Dhamma Sharing

28-Jul-2021Two Extremes & Middle Path
4-Aug-2021The Truth of Unsatisfactoriness
11-Aug-2021Insatiable Craving
18-Aug-2021Freedom & Bliss
25-Aug-2021The Path to Enlightenment
1-Sep-2021Initial Wisdom
8-Sep-2021Ethical Training
15-Sep-2021Mental Cultivation
22-Sep-2021Development of Wisdom
29-Sep-2021Three Aspects & Twelve Modes
6-Oct-2021The Highest Teaching
13-Oct-2021The Eye of the Dhamma
20-Oct-2021The Wheel of Dhamma and Realms of Existence