Dear Dhamma friends,

We warmly invite you to participate in our online Robe Offering Ceremony.

Date: 22nd November 2020
Singapore Time: 2pm to 3pm
Conducted By: Venerable K. Rathanasara and Venerable monks

Zoom Link:

To sponsor a Robe, please submit online via this link:

The offering of robes to monks after the Rains Retreat is a significant Buddhist practice which generates immeasurable merits and blessings. All robes offered at our Robe Offering Ceremony will benefit the monks, as these robes will be donated to Monks Training Centres in Sri Lanka.

In view of the need for health safety measures, a small group of representatives from the Dhammakami Buddhist Society will offer all the sponsored robes to the monks on behalf of everyone.

All sponsors and well-wishers are welcome to join in online to observe and celebrate this joyous occasion together!

With Metta,

Dhammakami Buddhist Society Organising Committee