The goal of all Buddhists is to attain Enlightenment here and now. Can we possibly develop our practices to achieve our ultimate goal? We can! The Buddha stated that 3 rare conditions had already occurred together – we are being born as human beings capable of understanding the Dhamma; the arising of a Supremely Enlightened One who discovered the Path for us to follow; and the Sublime Teaching of the Buddha still in existence to guide us. In this talk, there are six Dhamma verses (Dhammapada Verses 110 to 115). The first three Dhamma verses explain the Noble Eightfold Path relating to practices on morality, concentration and wisdom with special emphasis on meditation with striving efforts. The last three verses are the awakening experience of the Path. For a start, do try to live a single day being moral and meditative than a hundred years being immoral and uncontrolled.

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