This talk is based on Verses 7 and 8 from the Dhammapada. Bhante Rathanasara sets the context by explaining that the domain of sensual craving is the domain of Mara. The Buddha, who had vanquished Mara and attained Supreme Enlightenment, called ordinary human beings as Puthujjana, as they are under the control of Mara. Hence, the Buddha taught the means to go beyond the domain of Mara, and these collected instructions are known as the Dhamma. In contrast to the Puthujjana (ordinary humans), the Ariyas (enlightened humans) liberated themselves by practising the Dhamma, and became completely freed from sensual craving. They defeated Mara

In these two verses, the Buddha specifically addressed the minority group of human beings who had gone forth and wished to go beyond the domain of Mara. However, these teachings are still very relevant to ordinary beings like us who aspire to be enlightened one day. Bhante also elucidates the answers to the question, “Who and what exactly is Mara?”

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