Bhante Rathanasara shared a discourse from the Anguttara Nikaya (5.26) in which the Buddha clearly mentioned that monastics and lay disciples, who follow the Noble Eightfold Path, can be awakened from the sleep of ignorance, when they are (1) listening to the Dhamma, (2) teaching the Dhamma to others, (3) reciting the Dhamma, (4) reflecting on the Dhamma, and (5) in meditation. In each of these five occasions, there are two conditions that provide inspiration and lead to awakening: insight and concentration. The Buddha repeatedly emphasised in the sutta that one needs to have diligence, total dedication and resoluteness to attain the goals of the Noble Eightfold Path. Such a person, Bhante explained, is also cultivating the five spiritual faculties, which are brought to maturity during the five occasions of awakening.

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